Beneficial Owner: What is It and Why Does It Matter?
Beneficial Ownership delivers the linkage data needed to comply with the FinCEN rule requiring all financial institutions to collect and verify specific information about the beneficial owners of the entity. The Beneficial Ownership Rule is intended to assist in counteracting money laundering and other financial crimes.
Understand all connections based on the beneficial ownership threshold set by you, instantly
Modern APIs, Batch, and online options for seamless data access and integration
Visualization to display company hierarchy and complex beneficial ownership connections

Where is the money you’re spending really going?

Discover how data and analytics can help you identify business ownership and legal structures and overcome regulatory hurdles.

How It Works

Dun & Bradstreet provides the deep UBO knowledge you need to make and share smart compliance decisions. Our beneficial ownership data unlocks over 150 million connections, providing insights into corporate entities and beneficial owners with calculation down to 0.01% - including corporate beneficiaries and individuals up to and including UBOs. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud holds live business information on 97 million shareholders and more than 330 million businesses records in over 200 countries – so your business will benefit from clear insight and risk intelligence on UBOs, delivered in a quick and seamless manner.

We enrich sourced data from registries across the globe through our analytics including legal form information, SIC codes, business activity, and country codes to support risk-based due diligence decisioning.

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