An automated method for customer due diligence
Direct for Compliance delivers quick and reliable data for decision-making, management of regulation complexities, and ongoing monitoring so your onboarding time can decrease as efficiency and revenue increase.
Single source of data for identification, verification, screening, and monitoring of customers or suppliers
Enriched with trusted global data on key executives and the most complete Ultimate Beneficial Ownership data available.
Modern APIs that work with existing workflows for seamless data access and integration, and batch file transfers
Real-time verification and critical alerts, allowing for ongoing monitoring
Screen relevant entities and their owners against sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media
How It Works

Third-party validation requires a trusted source of data that is constantly updated and adheres to shifting compliance regulations. The Dun & Bradstreet data cloud provides the deep live business identity knowledge you need, and D&B Direct for Compliance offers the freedom that comes with integration into your current environment.

Reduce the regulatory burden and make compliance decisions quickly and easily, with company information on 330 million entities, covering 220 plus countries and over 100 million connections in our Beneficial Ownership data. Five million updates are made to our data every day so that you always have the risk intelligence needed to keep pace with the speed of business.

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