Posted on, 12/15/2022

CRIF D&B’s Customised Credit Assessment Model Report plays an important role in credit verification at ‘Caparol Paints'

Caparol Paints is a leading producer in the field of building paints. Caparol Paints established in Dubai, UAE, in 1998, and over the years, it has brought the best of German technology and service to the growing market of the Middle East region. Since its foundation, Caparol Paints has contributed to the building sector's architectural creativity and has built a reputation for delivering high quality and innovative solutions accompanied by excellent service. 


As part of its rigorous financial management and control of the company's global businesses, Caparol Paints needed to bring together customer and commercial intelligence to assess credit risk while keeping the sales pipeline flowing. Conducting regular credit checks of businesses operating in the far corners of the region presented a difficult challenge with the current structure because it lacked trusted information about potential customers. It needed an effective way to manage risk exposure across its portfolio of UAE customers, thus increasing risk and limiting opportunities for growth. 


CCAM reports offer access to critical information and insights required to make critical financial decisions. It supports onboarding efforts, assists in reducing non-payments, and helps the company realize its "Know Your Customer" objectives. 
By regularly conducting due diligence exercises such as physically visiting the new and existing customers, conducting interviews, and rigorous document verification, credit controllers, can now keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in their customers' world.  
Additionally, by cross-referencing payment data from CRIF Dun & Bradstreet's iTrade program, Caparol Paints are now able to categorize each customer's risk profile against its data payments.


The report we get from CRIF Dun & Bradstreet plays an essential role in our credit verification process. The possibility of customizing the report according to our requirement helped us to cover the missing information according to the current market condition. The present customized credit report gives us more quality information with minimal increase to the cost." 
We want to thank Tehmeera Baig, Business Development Manager for maintaining strong business relationships. 
Rasheed  Director – Finance and Corporate Services Caparol Paints 


CRIF Dun & Bradstreet's CCAM reports have helped Caparol Paints in minimizing their bad debts and credit risks. At the same time, these reports have been able to highlight potential customer cash flow issues, enabling the team to initiate timely remedial actions.  
Hence reviewing credit ratings to maintaining ongoing checks of creditworthiness, CRIF Dun & Bradstreet's CCAM reports have made it easier for Caparol Paints to maintain a reliable supply chain. 
Caparol Paints trusts CRIF Dun & Bradstreet's reports for all its financial decisions with confidence. Due to which Caparol Paints has been a happy client for the past three consecutive years. 
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